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See, If Someone Told Me… October 14, 2010

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that I had to take a nap in this darling wee bed

for two hours every day? Well, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I certainly wouldn’t act like they were trying to force feed me blood sausage.

Here’s Miss Éowyn in one of her new shirts.
Not that I feel the need to explain or justify or anything but – It’s not so much that I want to dress her in BOY CLOTHES as that I think that what stores call “the boy clothes” are just so cute and comfy. And my lovey girl, she just likes robots and dinosaurs and bugs and trucks and stuff like that – she likes flowers and deer and butterflies and all the little “girly” things you see on “girl” clothes too – but she takes more notice of traditionally boyish things. It’s too bad that they don’t do girl y robots or dinosaurs or lizards or whatever – I think it would be nice to have broader themes for kiddos. I think girl clothes can get a tad boring at times what with all the repetitive hearts and butterflies and PINK PINK PINK. I like a little pink, but I can’t get that stuff for her any more – her grandmothers, Stephen’s mother especially, really seem to gravitate towards it and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I’d like a little variety in closet. Pink gets overwhelming some times.
I was glad to get out to Kamloops and Walmart on the weekend. It was a nice trip, everyone had fun. We just love being on the road together too, something we found out (to our relief and delight) when we packed up our 11 month old baby and took a four day five night trip from Whitehorse to Lillooet to set up our new home. She’s a great traveller 🙂 I got to do the shoppins by myself which was nice for all of us – for me coz I didn’t have to rush or worry about baby spazzing out or Stephen having a stroke, for Stephen coz he didn’t have to deal with the Walmarts and for Éowyn – who got to play in the park for a grand total of 3 hours that day. We brought our own lunch and ate in a beautiful park full of maple and chestnut trees, we got some really yummy coffee thanks to NanaCat who gave me a gift card for Starbucks, and we got to have some AMAZING icecream at Marble Slab. Éowyn was… man. Just… gobstruck? She was so well behaved in the store, and AWED by the ice cream murals, the giant cone she got, the tiny tables… all of it. I was so proud of her, and so happy to be able to give my kid a special treat like that. How nice.

Anyways! I got her a few shirts, boys plaid shirts – they were a nice price and so soft. I LOVE her in plaid and I love thinking about using them again, when we have another kiddo. We’re trying to buy unisex clothes now that we’re sure we’ll be using her things again. She has lots of girly clothes from her grandmothers, but for now she’s pretty happy with whatever we give her and so I’m getting boy’s stuff for the most part. If we have a girl, she’ll look just as sweet and be just as warm and Éowyn is. Now that I’m putting more of her winter clothes on her, though, I’m seeing that her pants are getting SO SHORT. GAH! She has some bigger pants from her Nana and Grandma but they are size 3T and still too long and too big at the waist. She’s between sizes I guess? Ah well, I think we’ll be ok and I’m going to try getting along this winter without buying her any more pants.

Well… I’m sick today. I got the cold that the other two had and I’m just glad that they recovered before I got sick. Éowyn’s still a bit snuffy and coughs once in a while but she seems ok for the most part. She’s watching a show right now, and I’ve had my coffee and read all my mail and wrote here a bit so… it’s time to go. I think we’ll go out into the crisp air for a bit of a walk, so she can tell me all about the birds and the bugs and the leaves. I’m so lucky lucky lucky that I can stay home with my girl – I felt bad for Stephen when he had to get up and go to work while he was sick. I can’t imagine how women get up and do daycare, work, house work, playgroups, play dates, activities… oh boy. Makes me tired and stressed just thinking about it. I know we’d adjust if we had to, but I’m glad we don’t have to. I like our slow pace.

Have a good day everyone, drink your orange juice, eat your garlic, get lots of sleep ❤


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