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But I Can’t Live Without Rage’o’hol! No, Seriously, It’s a Disease. Don’t Blame The Victim. January 27, 2010

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Here’s the thing.

So many kids are born and neglected, abused, taught to hate everyone who doesn’t believe that Jesus Christ hates fags, etc etc. Kids are born to parents who don’t teach them what “No” means, not to hit kids at school, or that people who don’t speak English are inherently stupider than those who do. Or that people who don’t speak FRENCH are stupider than those who only speak the language of Quebec. Kids are born to parents who let the t.v. raise them, who never read them books, who don’t spend any more time than they have to with them. Kids are born to depressed rage’o’holics who slap them around before they can walk. Kids are born to alcoholics, to drug addicts, to people who weigh 300 pounds and then go out and buy their kids fast food instead of making them a real dinner. Kids are born to people who dress their kids in string bikini’s and makeup when they’re 5.

With all of this motherfucking shameful shit going on every single day right here in this continent, in our country, in our neighborhoods, in our own FAMILIES – you’re telling me that there’s any reason what soever that these guys and these guys shouldn’t have kids?

Here’s what I think: They can’t do any worse than anyone else ever has.

Man. ONE DAY! This isn’t going to be the shit storm it is now. Just that this can happen, and that these people are out there on television and in newspapers and being treated fairly (mostly) is a testament to how far we’ve come with this whole g/l/b/t game. Thank god, man. I wish em every luck.


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