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Zombie Blog April 20, 2014

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Zombie Blog

So hey yeah, it is EASTER! And it hasn’t snowed for a few days! Like, two days. So that’s great right?

My friend reminded me of this blog just now, and that reminded me of those vague thoughts of resurrecting it and using it to keep in contact and write about things and keep a journal of our family’s doings. I’ll have to find out how to keep the site prominent so that I remember.

Anyways, here are the children on Easter morning. Éowyn Catherine is now 5 and a half, and Wolf Corbin is 2 and a half. They are funny and smart and they usually smell pretty good! Éowyn was a complete love this morning, she waited in the room – I was the only one she woke up both the boys were conked* – and then I got her dressed up, she woke her brother and put his tie and shirt on for him. She was sure to guide him and give him treats when he couldn’t find as much as she did. I’m very very proud of her and he thinks she hangs the moon. He loves her so much ❤
*We are all staying with my parents for the moment. About 5 months or so. Stephen has been living in Calgary, and visiting about once a month when he can. We're sharing a big cozy room, which smells like a damn bear den when all four of us are packed in 🙂 We're very snug and it's kind of nice to be so close to the babies while they are so small and soft and squishy. We're due to move to Calgary in July, until then we are here to finish out the school year and give the kids extra time with Nana and Baba.

Soooo… Happy Easter 🙂 It's one of my favourite holidays, and I just love that both the kids were old enough to get excited about it this year!