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Chubs January 26, 2012

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<a href="“>Wolf didn’t want to nap yesterday, so I propped him up and folded laundry in between nomming his delicious baby rolls and smelling his milky baby breath. I avoided his phenominally stinky ears.


D: January 20, 2012

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Was anyone else afraid, when they were kids, of the sun going nuts and roasting us all alive? It was on regular rotation during the quiet hours I spent in bed, thinking of all the many horrible ways in which I or everyone I loved might die.

So, I mean, this is cool it’s really interesting. But I’m kind of uneasy, hearing about it! Hahhhh, ha… heh. Yeah, I still can’t laugh about it.


November 29, 2011

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Nana Cat and WOlf November 12, 2011

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Nana Cat and WOlf


Little Flirt November 10, 2011

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He is so in love with her! The other day he was just staring around non-committally, and then she climbed up onto the bed with him. OH MY he started babbling and kicking and smiling the second he saw her, arching his back and craning his head to look at her. My heart. Éowyn says “He loves me just like I love him!”

I hope for them to grow into good friends. Al sibs fight, but I hope they grow to recognize what an ally they have in each other.


Hi Gramma Barb November 7, 2011

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Barb I’ll send you the link here, I’m not sure if you know about this little blog.

Here are the kids at Cat and Meo’s new house, we went and spent most of the day there on Friday last. It was realy nice… cozy and chill. The kids like it there!

The living room and kitchen are pretty done up – I’ll do a tour of the house on camera when they are ready. It’s very nice and bright! I’m happy for them.


News November 5, 2011

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Éowyn got a hair cut. A BIG ONE. It’s a bit crooked in the back but she doesn’t care. The fights over brushing it were getting out of hand, and I hated hearing her cry when I brushed out tangles… and when we’re rushed for time on school days I seriously can only handle one kid screaming at a time. It’s grow back, and though I was sad to see her princess curls go, I think this suits her so well. Oh my gosh, I did a double take when I went to pick her up at school today, though.

And, Wolf is 2 months old.

He’s outgrown the weight specifics for his bassinet. I’m not sure what to do about that right now… he’s still sleeping in it, he seems safe enough. I am not ready to move him into another room so far from me, and getting both kids to sleep while in the same room would be… a real fucking chore right now. I think I can move things around in our room to accommodate a crib – it might even be a better layout. I’ll have to run it by Stephen though. It might be a good segue, and we could keep him in with us through the inevitable sleep training that will come around 6 months. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.

Anyways. We spent the day at my parent’s place! It was such a chill day full of laughs and love. I’m very happy and grateful. The babes are well loved and content. All is well.


Booful November 4, 2011

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I’m getting dressed while she is on the potty singing about pee and telling me how her day is going to go. All of a sudden a tiny soft wee hand starts rubbing my stomach. I smile at her, thinking she’s going to ask me if I have another baby in there and she says
“Mama, your belly! It’s so beautiful!”

She means my stretch marks.
What a love.



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Man, I thought he was cluster feeding BEFORE. Nope, I’d just forgotten what it was really like. He gave himself a blister this afternoon.

OY. If his sister started on solids at 4months, betcher ass he is, too. CAN”T. WAIT.

He is seriously delicious though. Those chubs. The smiles. Love it ❤


Cuddle Bug October 27, 2011

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He had his 6 week check two days ago – he weighs 16lbs 3 oz

Stephen and I thought maybe 13? 14 lbs? he’s gained more than a lb a week and 4″ in length since we brought him home at 8.5lbs and 20″.

Good thing he’s strong – he’ll need to be, to move all hat chub around!