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February 5, 2013

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Nana has been alone at home quite a bit, now that my father has a job. We’re all super happy for him! He gets to be out at camp, but doesn’t have to deal with strenuous body killing work. He drives – and that’s like, one of his favourite things. Perfect job 🙂

The result is that Cat is finally alone and quiet with her own self – after nearly 30 years. She’s been visiting lots which is a *total* delight to us. Especially me. The kids love her, she leaves them so happy, and we get to have good honest bitch sessions. I feed her (which makes me very very happy) and make her tea, I got to get out for a walk by myself today while Nana watched a movie with Éowyn, and Wolf got to talk with her befor ehis nap – and when he woke up I plunked him down between his two favourite girls and got them all snacks.

Super lovely day. All you need is love. And. You know. A house, and food, and money, and beer, and popcorn, and toys, and clothes – but. Mostly love. That’s my best one. It’s been a very very different first year with Wolf, than with Éowyn. We’re in a better place, and we have more money (coz right, love isn’t all you need) but just HAVING them here and seeing them with the kids and knowing they’re happy – that’s the core. That’s the molten mfing core, yo.




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