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January 24, 2013

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Good grief, it’s been nearly a year since my last post. I have, however been extremely active on facebook. Too active. Anyways, gosh, here’s a video of the kidlets today, right after Wolf face planted and got a bloody lip. He was very cuddly. 

does this work? 

See at the end, when Éowyn and I sing his favourite song – he goes nuts for it. This kid is hilariously obsessed with stars. He has radar for stars. It’s one of the first and last words he says every day, and he just freaks out for them. It’s pretty great, he’s got a cute wee voice 🙂

Éowyn has been going a bit stir crazy this winter, as we’re spending most of our time indoors again. It’s either too windy or to slippery or too wet or too cold. I used to like winter, really, but I can barely remember why. Next year will be a lot better, I think. At the very least the boy will be able to walk better, and his Sis will be in school (!). 

They’re both doing really well, they’re healthy and smart and kind to each other. They are super fortunate, as am I, to have my parents here – they’ve both been off work this winter, and so they’ve been spending SO much time here with us, or us with them. It’s nice to break the day up. 



WELL. I have so much mfing cleaning to do. As always. There’s the update, hopefully more to come. I should get out of on the fly posting and actually blog. In the long run it’d cost me a lot less time. 


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  1. Daphna Says:

    I was just thinking about you and your blog the other day and then you posted this. Nice timing! It’s great to see everyone is good. The kids are so big!
    Looking forward to more updates

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