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WELL This Is Flattering… October 24, 2011

Filed under: baby2,My Child Is Terrifying — whiskeyjac @ 8:51 pm

Found this while messing around on Stephen’s Black Berry.

Not that I ever mess around with your extremely special phone, Stephen. Nope.

He snapped this while I was being monitored, waiting for labour to pick up.


The thumbs up were meant for my mother.

I knew I was big but this looks freakish. The looks of trepidation bordering on horror that I encountered while out and about seem entirely appropriate, now.

Dear Wolf,
I love you, and you are *the last* human being I am going to incubate.


Oh, actually I do want to note – for posterity`s sake – that my *favourite* part of labour was when the nurse in triage there saw me breathing through a contraction, then turned to ask Stephen if I was the strong and silent type – and he just laughed.

Sure hope I didn`t scare any of the first timers…


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