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October 11, 2011

Filed under: family,lovelovelove — whiskeyjac @ 7:24 pm

Fall time has never felt like the closing of the year to me, but the beginning. It’s the new year to me, and January 1st can go hang. It’s my favourite time and it’s a gorgeous time here in northern Alberta. I thought no where could be as beautiful as the Yukon, but B.C. charmed the socks off of me, especially our mountain home in Lillooet. I thought moving to the city, to no mountains, to red neck country would be a sad change. I do miss having the bush right close to us at times, and miss being able to take off hiking at the drop of hat as I did in Whitehorse. But, oh it’s a nice city. It’s small enough that it’s still got charming parts, lots of greenery, and a strong community. It’s big enough that you don’t feel suffocated… and don’t have to drive 2 hours to go shopping or see something new. With two kids and one income that is an undeniable bonus, lemme tell ya.

We went to Muskoseepie Park on Sunday to fly a kite. It was a beautiful day and everything smelled like sunshine and leaves.


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