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October 3, 2011

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I’d like to post, to really write a bit and talk about how Éowyn is doing and catalogue the milestones for Wolf, but I don’t want to take too much time. Éowyn is sleeping – so is baby, who is settling into a bit of a routine now it seems, instead of just sleep/eat/sleep/eat the way new borns do – and the house is actually pretty tidy for now. But, I’ve got a ton of laundry that needs folding, the baby will wake for milk and diaper change soon, and I’ve got a pot o chili that I’m working on. Need to peel dem roasted peppers and then cut the corn off the cob… yeah life in the fast lane, yo.

I’m having fun 🙂 I’m tired and I’ve got the familiar shoulder ache that I had when Éowyn was small, I smell ike buttermilk, or that Kraft powder parmesan stuff… but we’re all generally very happy and thankful. My father is in his house and he’s fixing it up and cleaning, he stopped by today just to say hi which was very nice – soon that will be the norm! Family visits… it’s been a long long time. We only had 11 months of it with our first, and though that is more than many get, it wasn’t enough, never could be. I’m so glad that my family will be here soon – 13 days or so till my bother and mother get down here. I haven’t seen my mother. I never thought that would ever happen. Of course you make do when it does, but… it’s been painful sometimes. I’m still not TOTALLY convinced it’s really happening finally, but I’m getting there and getting excited.

I’ve already written more than I thought I should.

Here is a video of the baby’s Most Pathetic Cry. So glad he wasn’t my first – I’d have been a pile of goo on the fracking floor. He’s ridiculous.


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