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September 22, 2011

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Hanging out with coffee and mail (and facebook) (and backyardigans)

I have Boys, now. I can say things like – Oh the boys? They’re out… doing stuff. And, Hey don`t mess with me or I`ll send my boys after you. Yeah. Manners.

His big sister is in love. She`s not always in a great mood but she doesn`t take it out on him. Yet.

My sweet girl – she was proud to be under there with him, and was comforting him while he grumbled for milk.

this kid is a total glutton. He`s 10lbs as of yesterday. Solid little guy, already looking chubby.

Pre-School has been so great for her. She loves it, I love that she gets out to socialize without me having to socialize with her, and the teachers keep everyone in line at school – she`s never stressed out when she comes home. She`s bringing home little dances and songs that they`ve taught too, which is so cool – evidence that she has a life outside of us. I love the routine that it gives our week, and I like the walk to school and back home, the fall time is lovely here! She is very proud of walking on her own – no carriage – and of bringing her little bro with her. And me, I just love watching her whirl and skip around and tell me about what she`s going to do today, or what she`s done. The time alone with the baby is very nice, and I`m looking forward to the baby being able to be away from me for an hour or two so that I can take Eowyn out for girl time every now and then. She gets out with her dad on the weekends which is good for her, but I do miss our little walks and Tim Hortons and Library visits. Those will haveto resume soon πŸ™‚

That`s all for now, I`ve already stolen too much time messing around on the laptop. I have exciting things to do! Dishes! Laundry! Nursing! – if the grumbling from the baby is any indication. πŸ™‚


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