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Last Belly Picture (I hope) September 9, 2011

Filed under: baby2,please? — whiskeyjac @ 3:46 pm

Baby, we are all waiting for you. Baba is still here taking care of us, your sister is so excited to see you and know you and love you up. She says you will feel better when you are out. You will. And so will everyone who has to look at me waddle around and listen to me bitch. And me, no matter what happens I will feel good as soon as I see you’re ok. You have a very good doctor, and your dad is going to be with us the whole time.

We already love you, Meatball. You’ve got a great family waiting for you.
Also Elphie. But she’s small.

Please don’t rip me a new one, darlin’ –



One Response to “Last Belly Picture (I hope)”

  1. I really love the crossed fingers in this photo. I hope to next see you with babe in arms. xo

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