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38 weeks, 4 days
Prenatal today.


3 cms dilated, blood pressure was a little low due to mild dehydration, doctor swept my membranes. I LIKE HIM A LOT RIGHT NOW.
He warned me that it could still be a few days – I feel crampy but nothing regular and that is normal after a sweep.
I’m glad to know that he’s ok with helping things along at this point. I’m pretty uncomfortable.
3cms was how I presented at the hospital at 11:00 at night with Éowyn. At 2:37am we had a baby 🙂 It’s funny to think that. I hope it means things go quickly and smoothly this time around.
Anyways, going to go tidy up a bit in case we have to have Uncle David over. My father should be here on Saturday… he might still make it for the birth, to be with his granddaughter, but just in case I want the house to be ready for me to leave it… and hopefully come back to it still relatively clean. I’m so glad to know Meo is coming though, what a relief to both me and Stephen. It will make it easier for me to rest a bit, knowing that the kiddo is happy and engaged with her Baba instead of exhausting her dad and watching shows.

Oooof, kicking baby. Gotta go.


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