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Car Seat August 23, 2011

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A week or two ago I got the fabric from the infant car seat all washed up – but forgot to take pictures of how the damn straps were configured. We’d never really put them together – at least I hadn’t, I’m a dunce w stuff like that – and it took Stephen a few tries to get it right while he was putting it together tonight. He kept shaking his head and saying that it would be much too small on the smallest setting… but that makes us think it’ll probably be just big enough. It’s hard to remember just how little they were. I remember wondering, when people said that when they saw MY new baby, how anyone could ever forget a thing like that, but oh. Well, you just do. Too much going on to hold on to stuff like that, just like there is no time after baby is born to miss your big belly. It gave me a real turn when I got out the package of newborn diapers and started making up a diaper station – and again, when I started folding clothes for him. I remember that Éowyn was an average size – 7.5 lbs at birth – but she took at least 3 weeks to fit into most newborn clothing properly. Everything was huge even if it had a 0-3 sizing on it. Even now, KNOWING that, it’s still hard to believe.

I got to thinking I should dig up some old photos of Éowyn to remind us, and to compare, soon. We had a computer crash without having saved our stuff in late 2008 – but we have various pictures stashed around the web, here are the first ones we ever took, stolen from Stephen’s Picasa files.

When my water broke, they saw that there was meconium in it – so they had a suction station all set up for her. The woman on the right is my doctor – Saleena Djearam, and I miss her a lot. She was incredibly warm and calm and soothing.

I’m hoping Stephen is able to get another first weigh in shot. This… really just encompasses the whole birth thing to me, the squalling, the fresh skin… the horror and gratitude that that head actually made it out…

First picture of baby with her dad.

My mother was with me. The whole birth went by so quickly and it was so intense that I don’t remember a lot of it – but I remember like there is a snapshot inside my head, the look in her eyes when she told me the baby was crowning. Her sparkly blue eyes. Ha. She wouldn’t even hold Éowyn until she’d helped me shower and change. She said she had to take care of HER baby first.
Goddamn, I’m sorry that she can’t be here for Wolf.

That little baby calls the dog Indy-Nana now. Oh my goodness. ❤

2 hours after she was born.


Hello again, to Nana

Beautiful day, August 15th

She was still all squished and squishy. I remember being amazed at watching her little underwater movements – thinking that that was what I’d been feeling all those months. And only a few hours before. What a trip.

Stephen looks very young here. We were talking about it yesterday and I figured yep, he was 29 when she was born. Old man. He was about the age my parents were when they had me, and I was 22, round about the age his parents were when he was born.

First bath – she had this warbling cry that she lost after about 3 days. We never got it on video, but I do remember.

And this is why I went looking for the pictures – look at those buckles. She was so small.

I remember being amazed at how flat my belly was and at how blissed out I was. But here I am with the dark circles, looking 6 months pregnant 🙂 Ha.

❤ Very proud. She was so wanted. And still is. Most days.

Yeah I think we’ll be better about CLOTHING THIS ONE. Poor cold baby, I was so freaked out about over heating her *YOU WILL DAMAGE HER KIDNEYS!* that it took the doctor telling us that she needed MORE clothes, more blankets than we’d been giving her. Not a good feeling, that. Also, I don’t fucking read those shitty parenting sites anymore.

We had a whole month off work to just laze around and do this. So, so lucky. I really can’t wait to see him with a baby again.

Heh. We still have that little 15$ change pad from Canadian Tire. Boy, that thing has seen a lot of… use. 🙂 It’s waiting by the baby bed in our room, with all those impossibly tiny – and fragrant! seriously, don’t baby diapers just smell *so good*!? – diapers and clothes.

And it’s 9pm. I’ve been hogging the computer while Stephen reads here beside me. Baby is fighting inside me, it’s time for bed. 4 days until my father gets here so stay for the birth and the baby, and then… I AM GETTING OUT THE PEPPER AND THE CATCHER’S MITT.


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