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Bunny Butt August 22, 2011

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Last night, as I was putting her to bed I read her a Little Critter book called Just Me and My Little Brother – she loves books about new babies and older siblings and she asks for this one a lot. I ask her every time “Who’s gonna have a little brother, soon?” “ME!!!” And she always looks at the last page a long time, soaking in that it’s going to be a baby at first. I tell her that babies don’t walk, they get carried around, they like to nurse and look at things and sleep and cry and poop. They don’t do much, bumble. I tell her that the baby is going to watch everything she does and she says she’s going to teach him all the things – “Basket ball, and hockey, and soccer, and my scooter, and JUMPING!” She wants to give him a bottle – haven’t found a book that shows a baby nursing from the breast but I’ve told her it’s coming – and wipe his bum, and hold him. So, she knows it’s coming. The reality is going to b different, but all in all I’m not afraid of crazy tantrums or anything nuts from her. She’s pretty solid. I’m more afraid of tantrums from ME, but knowing that my father is coming back soon to help is such a relief. He should be here on Friday or (more likely) on Saturday and I think he’s staying for at least a week.

Which reminds me I need to call and rent storage for them today. I have alarms set up on my phone for every hour until 2pm Cat, I won’t forget.

I have been telling her that I’m going to go to the hospital (HOSSIPAL, mama?!) to have the baby, and that Daddy is coming to help. The doctor will be there and all the nurses and they’re all going to help me, and take care of me and the baby when he is born. We’re going to stay there for a few days and nights and when we are in the hospital, either Baba or Uncle David will be here to watch you and take care of YOU. I think this is pretty abstract to her and she doesn’t really listen half the time but I go over it quite a bit with her just so it’s not a total surprise. I told her again last night, and she lay down all sleepy and said, almost like she was reassuring me – “I love Uncle David and Baba. They’re my people.”

Anyways. I got up early… I’m tired but just didn’t want to stay in bed. I want to get the house completely leaned and tidied today – that means STAYING IN. I asked Stephen to take my shoes… I was only half joking. Kiddo can play in the garden (Stephen tries to correct her and tell her it’s a YARD, which is true since I never got to plant any flowers or veggies – but both of us girl’s are used to calling the outside a garden and I’m not going to stop now. It makes me feel a bit better about it, ha.) and watch her shows etc etc all that stuff. I just need to crack down on the tidying and not go anywhere and waste my back on walking.

Big sister soon. It still makes me a little panicky to think of two – not coz I’m worried about handling two (though maybe I should be and it’s just denial) but because it seems strange to have two babies that I’m supposed to love the way I love her. How does that work? I’m sure it will seem like a really ridiculous thing to have thought when I meet him, but. I wonder a bit. I think it’s definitely time that we had another family member here though… it just feels like we are missing someone.

Poor Elphaba. I remember when she was the baby. Boy, life sure has changed for her. Ha.


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