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Ding August 21, 2011

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38 weeks, yesterday

So done.

Bog sister is very excited. She was chasing after me in the grocery store today yelling “I coming to get you Mama and Baby!”
Yesterday when I came out of the Sally Annes, and walked to the car she yelled “Hi Mama, Hi Belly!”
She wants to see all the babies when we’re out and about – people have been very obliging and kind – and she is very respectful about touching them w/out permission but she still asks to hold them, with utter certainty that someone will one day say “SURE! HERE YA GO!”
When she yells at the belly, he kicks. Every time.

Hmmmm. Ive had the best weekend with my dudes. Stephen has been amazing, letting me get rest, taking care of kiddo and helping with housework even when he is tired. He has been working a lot, and finally is done a project that he was worried about leaving unfinished at labour time. This way he can take a week or so off without going in when Wolf finally gets here. We have everything we need, we are ready. Maybe this is our last weekend as three. I think that would be alright. ❤ Time to go.


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