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BIRFDAY!!! August 16, 2011

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So, wow! We had a real birthday party for Éowyn this year, and itwasrad. What she asked for was balloons, and owl cake, her cousins, and a scooter.
I feel so privileged to be able to do this for my kid. It was a lot of fun to watch her, and make her a special day, and oh, this age is great. It’s trying, but allllll the ages are. It’s really cool to see her becoming herself and deciding things and understanding special days.
The best present we ever had was that my father made it down to visit. It was a short visit, but we got a lot of playtime and talking and visiting in. I feel like we did A LOT in the afternoon, two nights, day and morning that he was here. There was definately a lot of talking and, to Éowyn’s dismay a lot of it was in french. Ha. 🙂 She gives me hell when I try to teach it to her, or just start speaking to her in french – she’s even told folks on the playground to “STOP FRENCH!” when she hears it. I remember a lot of bilingual kids doing that to the second language spoken at home – it’s harder for them to understand so yeah, it’s not unreasonable. It was *great* to speak it again, I find that it comes a lot easier the longer I spend around Meo. It will help me and the kids a lot – and I could tell that Stephen understood a lot of what we were saying, too. He’s not too shabby with his french but he doesn’t really believe me when I tell him that – he’s like my mom. It’s not easy though, even I get shy about speaking around some kinds of people.

All the love ❤

Anyways, we had a ton of fun over the weekend, I feel really lucky and the best part of all is that – I made my deadline. I made it to her birthday, it was all about her, we impressed the hell out of her and made her very very happy, and NOW I AM DONE. It’s time for baby. I’ve had 3 nights where the false labour got me thinking THIS IS IT. The most recent was last night with some wicked lower back pain – the kind I like to treat with pamprin and a strong Jack’s and Coke. It wasn’t regular interval stuff, just escalating pain and it kept up all night. Still there. Well, the full moon worked on Éowyn, maybe we will be lucky this time, too. My father is back on the 28th or so to stay for a week or two and help and visit, but if I don’t make it that long, then Stephen’s brother David will be coming to keep Éowyn over night, or whenever we need to be at the hospital together. I’m really very grateful for that, especially because it means she can stay in her own home and have that bit of normalcy during a Big Change. Having David here will be mostly a treat to her – I expect some tears at night if she wakes up and I’m not there but it won’t hurt her, and she knows him pretty well so it won’t be scary. He’s great with her and I’ve got every confidence in him. It’s nice to know I won’t be worrying about her in the back of my mind the whole time I’m gone.

I hear the bumble butt stirring so I better get going. I think I’ll try and get us to the library today – we have overdue books! That hasn’t happened yet, but it’s been harder to get around the last while. Better get going and find some new stuff for her. ❤ She'll like to see all her books again.


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