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News August 10, 2011

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I had the first of my weekly pre-natals this morning. He did an internal exam after the Strep B test, and I was really glad – though not surprised – to hear that I’m 2cms dilated and that he can feel the baby’s head. At least I know the false labour is good for something, and that the waddling isn’t just me subconciously hamming it up. Coz I worry about these things. Ha.

It’s been HOT the last few days, and I’ve been sore and tired so we haven’t been out too much. I have over due library books even, that *never* happens here. I made it out to the Parent Link place yesterday for gym time, and the day before that we spent a few hours cleaning the basement and purging some packed stuff and re-organizing. It wasn’t HARD really, and it felt good to get it done – but I guess there was a bit more lifting than I thought and it wrecked me a bit. Éowyn was awesomely patient and even helpful though. It’s nice to have someone to bend and pick things up for me, that’s for sure.

The nurses weighed me and I’m really relieved to hear that I’m still sitting at 183 – I think there was a slight gain, 10oz or something, but nothing big. That’s normal in the last tri, though I never slowed down on weight gain with Éowyn. I guess it’s the exercise, because holy crap the amount I’ve been eating is tremendous. And it’s not all healthful food, either. Bagels at 8pm, icecream for second breakfast (hey, i put FRUIT on it, ok? I TRY) and ice coffee full of sweet condensed milk… I sent Stephen out for chips and dip last night, too. Dang. It’s nice not to obsess about weight with this pregnancy though. With Éowyn I was still dealing with bulemia, and had a hard time letting those binge/purge tendencies go. That gave me a LOT of guilt, to the point where I didn’t even discuss it with my doctor even though I trusted her and liked her a lot. I wasn’t Schiavo-ing myself or anything, nothing hard core like that, and I made sure to take vitamines and potassium supplements and hydrate, but. I knew it wasn’t healthy. I used to check the scale 5 or 6 times a day. One pound of water weight would make me feel like a failure. From a distance of 3 years, I can admit this now, because for a long time… yeah. I was pretty ashamed of that. But there you are.
This time, bah, I get them to weigh me at the doc’s office, and that’s it. The rest of the time I eat what I want – even if it is junky. With Éowyn I avoided so much bad food, but now I know, ha. I won’t want to eat like that after I have the baby, and there’ll be time enough to be all health conscious and really avoid things like fast food and sugar overloads. And you know? I still weigh 8lbs less than my total gain with the first. I think we’ll be ok. For now, fuckit. It’s mah hot body I do what I want. Thank you, Cartman.

What else. There is a small shadow on the baby’s heart and they will do an ultrasound on him (!) after he is born. The doctor was very calm and not worried, he said that 99.9% of the time it is nothing, and JUST a shadow. So, I’m not stressed about that. If there is something wrong, the chances of it being something they haven’t seen before are very slim, and it’s a great hospital. Everything will be ok.

My parents are waiting on the results of their home inspection today! And I guess when they hear back they will decide when Meo is coming down to visit. He might be here as soon as this weekend – it’s a long weekend, so that would be good, he would have the opportunity to rest a little before going back to Whitehorse. I’m glad we got the basement done, they have LOTS of room, and the basement is well aired, smells good, and is clean and dry. I’m so glad that we’re in a place where we can store things, and put people up for a few days. That feels so grown up to me. And, I can help my family. I have never been able to do that before, so even this little bit is just really nice.

There was some talk about Stephen’s job moving to Calgary that was stressing me out – and him too, probably though you’d never know the guy was stressed he is so calm. I don’t want to move, I don’t want to screw my parents over, I don’t EVER want to leave my family again, and dude. CALGARY. It’s fracking huge. I don’t like that, this city is perfect. It’s got everything you could need, there is always something doing, but it’s close to nature and there is still a very strong sense of community here that I love and would love to keep for my kids. Yesterday he talked to his boss and found out that he could program from here even if HQ moved. We are both relieved. We are ALL relieved.

And, we are set for baby’s arrival. We have been really fortunate that we had, and were able to afford the things we needed, and also to have had such great and practical gifts from our families and friends. We’re all set for tiny things, and I’ve just got to get my butt in gear and do a final fold and put away before we’re done. We’ve got our bags all packed, Stephen has arranged that his younger brother David – who the kid *adores* – will come to our house if I go into labour at night when my father isn’t here. I’m so relieved about that, I was anxious about her going to her cousins house. She would have been cared for there, but it is more chaotic than she is used to, the girls would have been disrupted to have her there, and I didn’t want to wake her up and move her and then ask her to go to bed in a new place when she’s only ever had us to put her to sleep before – and even then, mostly me. She’s strong and chill but not that chill. Then, well we’d have to bring her home to a new baby and everything that that entails. That’s a lot for a little girl to handle and I am glad that it will go a little more smoothly for her this way. Uncle David is lots of fun, he knows how to handle kids – he’s had a lot of experience w his two nieces who lived w the family for 2 years – and I’ve been impressed with how he watches for Éowyn in busy places and with how he talks to her (very kind, but takes no b.s.). That’s another load off my mind.

For now, I should get off here – but I think I have some time for a few pictures.

profile - the little dots above his face are his fingers ❤

foot! they look huge! 🙂


toof buds!

my favourite thing to see ❤

36 weeks, 2 days - he's all in front

la la la... just chillin

We got a lovely package in the mail just after naptime yesterday – from our friends in Lillooet. I love watching her open packages, and she is really interested in the baby stuff now.

And, since we have no pictures of Stephen these days :

He’s growing a full beard which I love, and is a great dad which. You know. I also like. ❤

Here she is opening a little packet from her Baba and Nana ❤


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