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Little Things August 10, 2011

Filed under: baby2,HURRAY DUDES,lovelovelove — whiskeyjac @ 10:36 pm

I’m putting the baby’s stuff in order again. Making a little diapering shelf and a bookshelf full of clothing and stuff like that in our room.
I am *loving* the receiving blankets that I have been gifted. That is one of the best best best gifts you can give a new baby, you can use them for so much. Lining diaper changing pads (we just use the floor and our beds with a portable liner pad) to soak up assplosions and keep it warm for baby, spit up cloths, impromptu fluid mop ups, bath mats, play blankets later on… all that on top of swaddling.
We got so many hand me down items with Éowyn – perfect for our budget but oh my gosh some of them were butt. ugly. That sounds like a piddly concern and yeah ok, in the grand scheme of things it IS – but when you are stuck nursing a baby for hours at a time, and you are too tired to read or do anything but look out the window or at the baby… it’s just. IT USED TO BREAK MY MIND ok, the ugly blankets. I hated them. They almost started to seem… malevolent sometimes. Dude ok, I know that sounds ridiculous and over the top? But, TRUE. I just. I don’t handle sleep deprivation so well. I get weird. I am the first, second, third, AND fourth to admit that I will never make a Navy Seal.

I felt so liberated when I finally donated them a few weeks ago. And oh, the soft blues and greens, argyles and polka dots, owls and scottish terriers and dinosaurs… no hand me down shit stains… wow.

Thank you all for the lovely gifts, I appreciate them so much. The littlest things make me so happy and grateful ❤


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