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Dusty August 8, 2011

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I haven’t written here in a long time. It takes time to write with capitals, and no swears. Oy. I use facebook a lot, it’s immediate, fast, gratifying.

Anyways, bullet form.

+ We’re having a boy. HOLY SMOKES I was glad to see that! I had resigned myself to not knowing when the tech sympathetically said that babies were usually too scrunched up to tell at this stage. But nope, he certainly is a boy. 🙂

+ Éowyn is registered for preschool and starts on the 7th of September

+ Her birthday is on Monday next! Oh my gosh, 3 years old. She gets it this year too which is amazing, and I’m excited about decorating and cooking and baking and gifting and inviting her family over for a party. She’s been asking if it’s her birthday for weeks now. 🙂 Love it. 3!!!

+ Due date has been revised from the 13th to the 4th of September, I am now 36 weeks pregnant

+ I thought labour was coming for sure a few nights ago, but it stopped. We’ve had baby sign other than that, too, but the last few days have felt ok. I’m pretty sore though. We had a few good weeks were I got to go out with the kiddo again – and we went EVERYWHERES and it was fun, and it fucked her shit up for a good week. Ha, she is still catching up on rest. Sorry kiddo, I’m not so great at moderation. ❤ There is a lot to do in this town if you look, and lots and lots of nice people and great kids. I am so much more socially capable than I was when she was born! She is a social thing hyper social sometimes – she's a Leo, too ha – and it's really good for her. I feel guilty about not going out as much as I want to, or she wants to, but. Well. Hell, you can only do so much. I really don't think I want to do this baby stuff again though – certainly not with 2 running around. I feel done, and I would be happy to go into labour any night. It wouldn't be ideal since my dad isn't here but we have back up and she'll be fine. At least I'm not afraid. The last few weeks are good for the courage 🙂

+ That's all I can write right now. Stephen and the kiddo are at his parent's house, and I should go do dishes, laundry, sweep – something – before they get home. This chair and typing aint so sweet for my back either. Bah.


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