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Hello, 3rd Trimester June 15, 2011

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Considering how I documented the first, this pregnancy has been pretty low key. IRL it’s been a lot… more… mmm. Harder to carry. Active. Draining. Or maybe I’m just not able to sit on my ass as much. Still, I’m doing a considerable amount of sitting on my ass. Don’t worry.

20 pounds so far. Baby looks good to the doctors. Last time I visited the doc he did an ultrasound to check heart beat and all was in the right place – estimated baby weight was 1lb11oz.

They are incredibly active. Éowyn was, too, but I think what’s making the difference is that my abs have already been stretched with the first pregnancy and I’m feeling it more. The baby isn’t as low down, and I think they are head down at least some of the time, instead of cross wise they way they were for nearly 2 months (ouch). So it feels better.

I’m still pretty over it, and ready to be done. Which is sad, in a way. I’m not relishing it as much. I’m enjoying it, I am. But obviously w your second you have other things to do and think about and it takes a back seat. *shrug*

All is normal I guess. We have names picked out – well. I do. And we’re mostly in agreement. So I’m not as freaked about not knowing the gender. And my father is coming down to look after Éowyn while we are in the hospital, thankfully. I’m so excited to see him again and to watch him see how much the kiddo has changed in the year since he’s seen her last. She’ll have lots of fun with him. That right there is a TON of stress gone from my wakeful belly jiggling nights.

And. Well. I’m being a jerk and lazy and I have things to do so I better go. But yeah. Home stretch.


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