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Neighborhood May 31, 2011

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Getting ready to go, had to have her packpack

heading off down 94th Ave

Our home - last one on the block. Foil window is Éowyn's

It took me a good few weeks to easily identify our place. Not used to everything looking the same this way. It doesn’t bother me the way I thought it would. But I would like to put some flowers outside, and maybe some decals on the windows.

4 way intersection 94thAve and 100thSt

If we go this way, it’s a 3 minute walk to her pres-school, a 20 minute walk to the Patterson (strip)Mall – which houses my dentist’s office and the Shopper’s Drugmart among other things.
The grocery store we favour is down that way too – Safeway is comparable in price though dang posh looking compared to Super Store, and it’s never been busy when we’ve been there. Stephen would be willing to pay more just for that, I think 🙂 He hates crowds and people getting in the way. Éowyn likes it because the carts have cars on the front of them. There is also a gas bar, a dollar store, a movie rental store, an IGA and a few other things there. I could easily walk it on foot.

Looking back down 94thAve from the interesection.

This way towards everything.

Stephen considered a viewing in these town houses.

OB's office is a 5 minute walk from home!

This way to family Doc, who we are meeting for the 1st time today.

There’s a little strip mall here, I think it’s called the Safi Plaza? Pizza shop, Icecream shop, Donair and Pasta shop, Printer’s Shop, Royal Lepage, and an Indian Restaurant/Bar.
Lots and LOTS of food shops in this town.

the big streets really freaked me out the first few weeks. Getting used to them.

Hospital - 15 minute walk from home.

Family Doc's Office building - 10 - 15 mins from home.

On the way to the Library

Montrose Cultural Centre

This is the Montrose Centre, it houses the Art Gallery – which isn’t finished, we tried to visit a few weeks ago and they’ve only got one room full of bad art and a table for kids to draw at. I think the old gallery caved in a year or two ago due to snow weight. It looks like it’ll be nice when it’s done! They’ve got a wee coffee shop with too expensive coffee and pastries, and a really nice area to sit and eat lunch both inside and out. And the library! I didn’t take pictures because I have to wrangle the kid but it’s lovely. The kid’s section is up stairs and there is a real play area for them. Éowyn is usually great w the other kids, and it’s nicer than the playgroup I went to as far as her being able to really interact and talk to kids instead of just running around like fucking hooligans for an hour and a half. I get to actually talk to other parents there too, which I like. The book selection is tops up there, and they’ve got a good French section for kids as well – I just haven’t been able to make it that far in.

We ate our lunch outside the library since the sun was so nice and there was a little fresh breeze to keep us cool.

I’m big. And yes I’m annoying and feel fat even though DOY YOU ARE PREGNANT. Well, it’s hard not to feel that way. I’m at the point where very few of my clothes are comfortable… and I don’t have the money to just go out and buy as I grow. *shrug* I have a lot of dresses that should help. The regular sized yoga pants are getting too tight, the ones from my last pregnancy are too big for me and I can’t wear the pregnancy support shirt I got to hold them up anymore – it’s too tight. Shirts are getting too short and tight. Blah. I still love the belly but it kind of sucks when you don’t feel like you look good. I’m sensitive about that and it’s not something I can just let go.

We had a good time there, stayed for nearly 2 hours. She was so good and such a joy to be around. She hasn’t fallen asleep in her carriage like this since she was just over a year old. She had been up very early that morning, and had had a very full weekend, and Friday before that. I left her there, and read my book in the sun. She slept for nearly an hour and a half and woke up happy. After she did, I put a show on for her, did the dishes and washed the floors, and when Stephen came home he took us to Muskoseepie Park so she could play and run around there. From there we went to the Pet Store and pet some puppies, and held a hamster – and a snake! Cat – don’t tell Meo about that. Yes, I make sure she got her hands sanitized right after, but you know how he is. She was very gentle and very brave even though there was a stupid teenager there who kept making a big deal about how scared she was of the snake.I watched her flap her hands around for a few minutes then sorta let Éowyn go forward and she very calmly held her hands out and touched it. She only got upset when the snake was put away and she wanted to hold the lizards 🙂


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