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Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Girl… May 25, 2011

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She reads books to me now. She brought out a dictionary and told me to
“Sit down an be comfable. I a wead a you, ok Mama? Ok lissen to me.
Once upon a time, dere was a wittle guhl. She made a machine. It was vewy big. The End!

You wike a story mama?”

I love her stories. I love that we can have conversations now. They’re disjointed, but it’s cool. Sometimes I need to take the time to remind myself to slow down and ask and talk and listen. I get too wrapped up in my own head. I shouldn’t.

Love her. So much. I hate that we fight and that I make her sad at times. Hhh. But. She still reads to me. I hope she always will.


One Response to “Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Girl…”

  1. Nana Says:

    As long as you listen, she will read to you ❤

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