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HOLY SHIT May 17, 2011

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Holy shit.

I am six months pregnant today.

And I haven’t updated this thing since before we left Lillooet – since before Stephen came home, even.

We’re happy here. Éowyn is having some adjustment issues – or maybe just 2year old issues.
Stephen still loves his job and I am so so happy for him.
I’m taking the baby – on the bus! which she *loves* – to go see a lady who will hopefully be here babysitter, and look after her this summer a few days a week as well as during my labour and time in the hospital. I think it will go well, she sounds really nice and experienced.
I have her signed up for preschool, five minutes walk from our home! She starts on Wednesday the 7th of September.
Baby’s due date is the 13th of the month! And his or her sister came 3 days early – so we’ll see. I hope I can take her to her first day at least.
The baby is well, we had our ultrasound in Kamloops, and I haven’t heard anything from my Lillooet Doc so I take that to mean everything looked ok.
I have a doctor lined up here – a guy who specialized is OB patients, lucky me – and I visit him for the first time on the 26th. If I’m lucky he will do an ultrasound as he has his own equipment and I might be able to find out if we’re having a boy or girl (they don’t tell you in Kamloops).
We really are loving our house. It was spotless when we arrived, and there is SO much room. It seems very big and empty while in Lillooet it seemed that we had a lot of furniture! We need bookshelves, and I’m having fun thinking about where the baby stuff will go.
Éowyn may be getting a new bed today! I’m excited about that, and I think she’ll love it. That will probably be my next (short) blog post.

I should get going!


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