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Snippets April 19, 2011

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We sold our house 🙂 I’m relieved that it’s finally gotten this far. I’m not completely relaxed yet, and I think it’ll take until June for me to be ok with it all and believe it’s done and we’re out and safe.

I can’t. wait. to see our new place. I can’t wait to see Éowyn seeing our new place. I’m nervous though – I hope it’s clean. And that the bed will fit up the stairs…

Stephen comes home in 3 more sleeps! It’s going to be so fun to see Éowyn with her daddy again oh my gosh. And she has changed so much in the 7+ weeks since he’s seen her. I’m so looking forward to that. He’s home in the evening on the 22nd, we go to Kamloops to pick up a trailer on the 23rd – which is awesome, I love road trips with these guys also maybe I can nip into Walmart to get a damn BRA since I only have ONE LEFT oO And baby, this kid is PREPPING me. Yikes. – Easter is the 24th and it’s the first one we’ll be taking note of with Éowyn, so I’m looking forward to that. There’s a little party going on at the Elk’s Lodge near our house and I’m going to take her there to see her friends and play around and stuff. I’ll make a nice little quick cooked Easter meal for us all – I’ve missed cooking for my family. And then Monday we can work on packing and cleaning… Tuesday is our ultrasound day! I’m excited about that, but nervous too. I saw one of the ultrasound techs being kinda cold to one of the ladies there at the same time as I was in January… and I know they’re very reluctant to give *any* information at that hospital. I hope we see the same tech I went to last time – she was very kind and respectful and let me know what she was looking at. After our second Kamloops trip, we have one more day at home, and then we leave on the 28th.


I’m looking forward to it. Immensely.

I had some little things to share about Éowyn but I’m going to take advantage of her taking a late – and probably short – nap and go lie down my own self. I’m really tired today. That walk really done did for me!



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