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Retrospect April 5, 2011

Filed under: assholes,family,WORRYWARTSAREVERYUNSIGHTLY — whiskeyjac @ 11:52 pm

Looking back at the relationships I had when I was younger, I always gravitated towards people who were older than me. I thought they were smart, interesting, capable, and worthy of admiration most of the time. I thought I was on their wave length because I was so mature, well read, smart – whatever.

Turns out now that I’m the age they were then – that no. I wasn’t anything special, not at 14 nor at 17. I was immature and young and stupid – I was a kid – and THEY were on MY wavelength.

It’s like watching a show you used to find hilarious and deep – and realizing that it’s completely lame now that you’re not drunk.


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