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OMG SHOES April 4, 2011

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K so every once in awhile I have to do this I”M SORRY but I have to. To be right in my mind.
I love shoes. I can’t wear nice ones! I have bum knees, no job, I live in a town with what, two sidewalks? I walk everywhere, I have to chase after a 2 year old, my most fanciest outing is to our playgroup.
Ok, so I DON”T wear nice shoes.

But I can pine. Look at these, they are *awesome* they make me want a dang office job JUST so I can wear a nice pair of shoes to work. Show off the legs I’ve got from running after than dang 2 year old. Coz that’s what jobs are for, right?


Pearl Hart

Ida Clark


Love love love.
Fluevogs! Someone on facebook mentioned having to run in their new shoes to catch a plane – the name sounded so strange that I had to look it up. Very nice! I love low heels and luscious colours, especially when there is embroidery involved. Ah, one day I’ll get a nice pair of shoes – I’m sure I can find some at Sears or something – oy these are pricey. I can see spending that kind of money on my sneakers but I’d have to be working a pret-ty nice job to afford these.

Oh man, those red ones. ❤


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