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Poor Baby March 28, 2011

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She learned how ot say “Poor baby” lst night. I was spinning her on a couch cushion and she fell off and broke her fall with her left arm – while she was still spinning. She over extended it, and I think it’s the exact same injury she sustained this summer when she was pulling on her dad trying to lift him up. It’s painful and upsetting for her – and oh she cried and cried when it happened, it was just so sad – but she’s better after a sad night spent with me. She slept more than if she’d been in her own bed, and I think snuggling helped. I was there to give her tylenol when it wore off too. Notmuch I can do with her arm to make it feel better, but it’s already bothering her less. It helps that she’s not tired, and that we have playgroup to go to. I’m sure it will be fine by noon, if it’s not I’ll make an appt with the doc for tomorrow – but I’m sure I’ll end up cancelling it. These things seem to resolve within 24 hours.

She had a bath and some breakfast and now she’s eating celery sticks and watching ‘Ardigans before we go. She wanted both of us to wear dresses today so she’s got the nice plaid wool dress that Nana sent, and I put on one of my maternity buys from out trip –

I honestly thought I was smiling there, but I guess not. Anyways it’s pretty comfortable and it made her happy to be both wearing dresses. It’s cute that she’s taking an interest in that stuff now.

Hopefully she’s back to making messes by tonight ❤


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