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Park March 25, 2011

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When she doesn’t want to ride in the carriage, and gets bored or tired of walking, she hops onto the little foot rest over the wheel and ride like that. I don’t mind it on quiet straight roads, but she gets mad when I won’t let her do it on sidewalks or hills. She’s pretty good at staying balanced while ignoring my commands to HOLD ON, I must say I’m impressed. Not that I let her do it much, the little shit. She’d surprise me one day and crack her head, I just know it. :-/

She is *convinced* that if she stretches enough she will be able to climb this tree. She is sad that she can’t convince ME to put her up there.
I wish I were as tall as her dad sometimes, but dang at 5’5” I just can’t indulge that. I might be able to get her up there, but I wouldn’t be able to get her down… or MAKE her come down, so no.

I bought her a bucket and shovel because I figured on Easter morning – the first real Easter I’m going to do for her – she would enjoy them more than a little grass basket that she’d just break by the end of the day. WELL. The bucket went the way of the Easter candy. I suck at stashing gifts, I really do. She loves it, though so I’m glad 🙂 Oh well, we can put a little gift in there for her and leave it by her bed.
I’d like to get her some cutesy sparkly shoes – there are some pink fuzzy sparkley slippers at Fields that I think will please her – and fill her room up with a few balloons for her to wake up to. She doesn’t really need any more dresses right now, but I’ll lay out one of her pretty summer ones to wear. Dad will be home to make the day special, and I have some plastic eggs that I can leave around the house for her to find – I’ll fill them with stickers and jelly beans and little chocolates. I got her some special markers – she’s never had any of those – and a wee chick pen that I will leave in her bucket. Then, there is a big party over at the Elk’s Lodge for all the kids in town – I’ll take her there and Stephen can either come with us, or chill at home. The lodge is just a five minute walk from out house so It’ll be a nice walk for us. I’m excited! I *love* Easter and I’m so glad I’ll have my family together for this first one for Éowyn.
I’m super glad that I’ll be able to make us all a special dinner! I miss cooking for Stephen, and I’ve been awful about telling about him the nice dinners that I’ve made. I just want to make sure he knows he’s missing out coz that’s the kind of bitch I am 🙂 Hmm, Easter dinner. I’m thinking ham with pineapple, peas, rosemary dinner rolls, gravy, garlic mashed potatoes with kale. Mmmm. 🙂

And oh, my heart. Doesn’t she look like her baby self here. ❤

Here are some videos 🙂


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