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Rant March 24, 2011

Filed under: gone mental,parenting,RANTS,swearing — whiskeyjac @ 5:36 pm

Ok. Words. Tinkle, booboo, wee wee, ouchie, hoohaw… and it grates on me. It’s not just shows, obviously people do this too, and I don’t understand this.

Mystifying. Give the kids some credit.
I have a hard time stomaching giving names to your genitals – Jesus, I see ADULTS doing this – on the covers of magazines there it is : VAJAYJAY.

REALLY. You are a grown woman and you… Really?

Here is where I’m coming from. My parents taught us to say Pitoune for vagina, and Pissette for penis. These words make me *intensely* uncomfortable because I equate that with my parent’s inability to be comfortable teaching us about our bodies. I equate that with the attitude that rubbed off from my mother onto me – that I should be shy and ashamed of my body and never be able to talk about it honestly and freely.

Cat – I LOVE you. I understand. You grew up in the fifties, man. You grew up with that kind of attitude times ten and it’s hard to shake and you did the best that you could – which was way better than a lot of parents can muster. But you can’t deny that you had trouble talking to me about this stuff – and when you did you were always visibly uncomfortable and I knew it from a very young age.

You could call this an “issyoo” complete with air quotes. I’m being honest here, because ok maybe using cutesy name for your genitals or for your kids genitals is harmless. I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist, and I’m talking about my own experience and feelings here. But I think it might be counterproductive. My kid loves to be naked, and at playgroup she’s started noticing dolls and taking their clothes off and then dancing them around in joy – the way she does – because they’re so happy to be naked. Some of the dolls are anatomically correct and it made one of the women there titter and she told Éowyn that it was called something… I can’t remember what. Éowyn thought about it and then came back to me and said “MAMA! Wook issa ___!”

Ok. So… NOW. My kid thinks that a penis is called a ding dong or something. Like… actually thinks that that is what it’s called AND OH MY GOD IT MAKES MY BRAIN HURT. Why… would you even do that? It’s dumb. It’s a penis. And that’s what I told her and that’s what she went off chanting and singing to the baby.

It’s not the biggest fucking deal in the world but it’s a big pet peeve of mine, especially when someone gets her to latch on to some dumb baby word before I can teach her the real thing. Drives. Me. Nuts.


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