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Spring Times March 23, 2011

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Miss Éowyn has been helping me in the garden quite a bit lately! I’m glad she’s into it, it’s nice to see. Here she is taking a Jelly Bean break, and pretending to nap in the sun.
Seriously, I am not buying ANYMOREEASTERCANDY until the few days RIGHT BEFORE EASTER. Gahd. Twice now I’ve gotten candy for her and stashed it – and twice we’ve eaten it. And my we, I mostly mean me.

That reminds me, I think I still have some bunny peeps in her Easter box. Well, WHAT. Ok? If I eat it, then she won’t.

I don’t know if we’ll have a yard in GP – I hope we can find a place that has a patch of grass and a fence though… at the very least, a balcony. And if she’s interested then for sure I’ll get some containers of herbs and flowers and peas going – maybe a tomato plant or two.

She’s a love, a complete love. We have our fights but I am so proud of her, and so lucky that she’s mine. She found a nail and spent half an hour while I watered the lilac trees “fixing” the balcony. Then she ran over to me and got me to come show all her work off. So serious, and when I asked her if I could take a picture of her she started clapping saying “MAMA you take a picture a me!!! Come ON!” Funny bunny.

Playgroup is out this week, and the littler guy she occasionally has play dates with has gone travelling for March Break – we’ve been filling up the days ok so far – just being able to go outside does wonders for us. I’m so glad to have our yard back, and not littered with dog shit. Seriously, I love dogs, but having one when we have kids is just not going to happen until and unless we ever get a dog run. Lesson learned.
Today we went out around 11:00 to check the mail and go to the library and I packed us a picnic lunch of wraps filled with avocado, tomato, lettuce, and chicken. She loved it! And it was perfect timing we were both ravenous after walking. Éowyn really loves to walk on mainstreet and has to be persuaded (ie: forced or BRIBED) into her carriage when we either need to get somewhere fast or just can’t deal with her inability to listen properly. She’s usually a perfect doll up to that point though and I am *really* enjoying being able to take walks with her instead of just pushing her around. She talks to everyone and stops to look at everything and it’s just great exercise for her all around. I love walking and I want to make sure my kid(s) don’t see it as a chore or a burden. I’ve not felt like I’m missing out by not driving until now,= when I’m alone with a toddler, and even then it was only shitty because it was winter. Honestly, walking is one of the most important things I can do to level out my moods and maintain mental health. I hope we end up living in a neighborhood that is pedestrian friendly. It’s been a real help to be able to let her walk up the hills – or at least the last one. It’s hard for her and we have to go slow because it’s obviously just plain tiring for her… and she gets angry some times. But it won’t hurt it’ll only make her stronger and she’s getting better at it already. As for me, I’m not beat by the time we get up the top – those extra 30lbs off the load make a huge difference.

Snow on the mountains but it is retreating faster and faster every day. By 1:00 it is hot enough out that you’ll take your sweater off and walk about in just a shirt – and the sun will still bake your back 🙂 It will be genuinely hot come mid April.

Here’s Baby2. I keep thinking I can feel him/her but I doubt myself. It’s allright, we’ve seen the heart and heard it twice now and it sounds strong and healthy. I had some bloodwork done the other day – while Éowyn sat on my lap and watched avidly – to do the second round of Maternal Serum Screening and to check my thyroid which the doctor said felt enlarged. Everything seems fine and I’m not dead tired or sick or anything. I have trouble sleeping sometimes just thinking about things or getting up 6 or 7 times a night for the bathroom or for Éowyn… but nothing at all like the insomnia I had the first few weeks that Stephen was gone. All is well on that front, and the baby is back into a good routine for sleeping, too.

I’m worried about the house selling, the car selling, getting moved with enough time to do everything. That hasn’t changed. Stephen will be visiting us on the Easter weeked – for a REAL visit, not just a day and a night – so that we can get an ultrasound done in Kamloops. I think we’ll have to decide then what we’re going to do. If we haven’t heard anything from the women who wanted – and who still want apparently, but haven’t been able to – buy our house then we’ll have to put it out for rent. I need to do too much in the new city to stay much longer than mid May. That’s a daunting prospect. I’m hoping the car can go up for sale sometime SOONso that we can start hoping that THAT might help us, too. Staying with the in laws is just not an option so I hope to hell we have figured out a way to move by then. If we haven’t… well. Whatever, fuck. I just can’t think of that right now. I hate not being able to do anything about the situation.

WELL! That was kind of a shitty way to end the post, and I’m not feeling like writing or posting more pictures right now. I’ll put some videos up of our outing later. 🙂


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