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Spring Prep March 21, 2011

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Stephen’s laptop died, and since I have a prepaid phone and all calls coming in or going out cost 25cents a minute we haven’t been able to talk much. I didn’t take the video chats for granted by any means, but yeah they did mean a lot. We got to relax and he got to hear the baby talking – she’s talking a lot more now than when he left, and he didn’t have much time alone with her during our visit and what time he did have was filled with lots of other people and noise and the kid herself was constantly tired and distracted. I feel bad that he’s missing out on stuff. Things are pretty great – the baby is lovey and smart and funny and her sleeping has started to even out again, though she does wake 5 or 6 times a night and need me to go tuck her in, there are no tantrums or sad hysterics or demands that she sleep with me. She’s feeling much better and it shows in her behaviour during the day. She’s able to play on her own a bit more, and she pretends more, she enjoys her time outside more – though she absolutely has not wanted to go to the park – and we have lots of hugs and kisses.

So anyways, we had fun outside today. I’m teaching her how to walk distances – so far going up and down the hill to the plaza is hard on her and on me, but today was much better than the day before. I think partly because I timed it better, and we weren’t gone for so long. She was wanting to crawl on the last hill though, so I know she was having trouble because she’s tired. Well… That’s ok, I mean. She has to learn to listen and she needs to get strong, walking won’t hurt her. I’m just not feelin the whole push-the-baby-carriage-the-groceries up the hill thing anymore – and I’m not blaming a big belly or anything. I’m just tired. That 33 pounds less makes a HUGE difference. Now that she realizes that she gets tired on the big walks, it might make her more open to actually sitting IN the carriage again, which would be nice for us both. I don’t mind her walking but she’s been fighting it a lot lately and when she have to get somewhere it’s not ok.

She IS learning. We still argue, and the house is a hurricane tonight, the laundry is all clean but unfolded in mass quantities – but we hug and kiss and dance and go out every day and at least the house is CLEAN whether or not it’s tidy. We started working on the yard again, and it already looks a lot cleaner. I got the water turned back on so I put down a bag of grass seed again, and watered and raked, and planted a flower bed with three kinds of flowers – don’t ask me what kind, I don’t really care – turned over my neglected compost and added some brown materiel, and picked up most of the garbage. I have a huge load that needs to be taken to the dump – Stephen’s job – I have about 5 bags of recycling that need to be taken… somewhere…and the sheds need to be emptied, too. :-/

Well, we’re enjoying what we have and I’m going to bed now! And not worrying about the house cleaning until tomorrow. Fiddle dee dee or what ever. Huzzah.


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