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News March 12, 2011

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For Christmas, Anna – a lady I’ve known through xanga! for years sent her a Chirp subscription. At first she didn’t know what to do with the format – but now she loves it and gets me to re-read certain pages to her constantly. In a few months she’ll understand enough to start doing some of the activities and I seriously am looking forward to it. She’s already starting to undestand the idea behind crafting, and she’s learning about glue and scissors (I KEPT THOSE THE HELL AWAY FROM HER TILL NOW) She asks for him now, and finds the magazines and reads them by herself if I’m not there to snuggle with her.

Can I just say that snuggling with my kiddo and a book is just… one of THE best feelings in the world? It lowers my blood pressure. It probably lowers my cholesterol. It’s the cure.

She’s been going for walks, and to the park, and to playgroup – which is generally a 4 hour trip after we finish our errands and get home – without a diaper. Hasn’t had an accident since I started it, though I do carry pants and socks and a towel when we do this. Around the house, she frequently goes without a diaper. I find when she wearing one she tends to ask for the toilet less – she’ll pee in it sometimes and THEN ask to go. Her diapers are not doing the job these days, either so she actually has less messes when she doesn’t wear one. I”m not brave enough to let her go without during the night or naps yet – she’s usually dry but I think she might wet the bed when she wakes up and is half asleep. So anyways, I took that picture after we got home from her first time at playgroup without a diaper – and oh my gosh she looks grown up to me.

We’ve been talking about being a Big Sister, and I got her a few books about having a new baby around, too. I *think* it’s starting to make an impression. She gets mad when I talk about little babies needing boobie milk, and Big Sisters letting them have it – and she also gets upset when she sees baby clothes that she can’t wear. All in all I’m glad she’s going to be 3 when the baby arrives – I think she’ll be great. I’m sure there will be issues with tantrums and attention and I’m nervous about the weaning and then having a newborn nursing situation… but we’ll get through it. She understands so much now, and learns more everyday – I can only imagine what she’ll be thinking in 6 months.

We still have bad days sometimes – but I’m trying to discipline instead of lose my temper these days, considering that she understands more now. Miracle of miracles! It seem that that effort is paying off – she calms down quicker, and I *stay* calm. I still raise my voice and tell her NO and sometimes she screams at me but BUT I’m not *angry*. I’m not yelling. And it’s working.
This picture was taken after we had a bit of a stressful walk home from playgroup. I made her a nice lunch and we sat on the porch afterwards and drank milkshake/smoothies, and read some books in the sun. It feels more like dealing with a Kid than a Baby and I’m really grateful for that.

I try to get her to play playdough or colour or paint during the day, especially on the weekends when we don’t have our morning outings to take up our day and tire her out and engage her. Adding something like beads really makes it into something interesting and new for her.

HAAAA oh boy. She is taking lots of baths. Sometimes it’s what calms her down and takes up half an hour’s time when I don’t know what to do with her anymore. She’s a very clean baby, at any rate. Here she is giving herself a beard “wike Daddy” ๐Ÿ™‚

We go to the park as often as we can – it is SO nice to be able to go outside without freezing! She’s getting pretty dang good with that soccer ball too – her balance is better, her ability to gauge where the ball will go is developing… best thrift store find! She’s always happy to see that soccer ball come out – me… well I like it too but I’m not entirely keen on running after the ball for very long. Maybe she’ll like to try some soccer stuff with a group when we get to Grande Prairie ๐Ÿ™‚

So, that’s the news.
On Baby2 front, we seem to have both a girl and a boy’s name – for now, anyways – and I felt her/him move last night ๐Ÿ™‚ It was unexpected, I was nursing ร‰owyn and felt something PING! at the top of my stomach, higher and more distinct than I would have expected. I honestly don’t think it COULD have been gas or something masquerading as baby. I’ve not felt anything like it since I was pregnant with ร‰owyn. I didn’t feel anything else and thought that that was it – that I’d wait for more confirmation but I felt flutterings before I turned out the light last night, and when I woke this morning. I think it’s starting ๐Ÿ™‚ I also feel like I’m carrying a bit higher than I thought I would be by now – but that might just be in my head. I’ll ask the doctor when I see her on the 17th.

๐Ÿ™‚ Good news all around. Hope you’re all well.


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