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Not A Gamer March 3, 2011

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I’m not a gamer – my husband is like whoah. I mean, he’s not as in deep as lots of dudes are – he works and has a family and a life. Mostly. Do you have a life outside of us and work, Stephen? Hm.

Anyways I think we’ve played maybe 2 games together ever? 3? There’s this arcade game… Geometry Wars. We played that together once or twice, hearing the techno music still makes me remember being huge and pregnant and then having a baby bopping to the noises. Castle Crashers we played once or twice. Either he got bored with it or I just sucked at it, but we didn’t really play much. Um. Rockband! Which. Is. Kind of… boring. But we’ve played it a few times, and tried to bring it out twice in the time we’ve been in Lillooet – no dice. Not until the kiddo can play, anyways. She gets PISSED that she doesn’t know how to do it.

Other than that I never play vid games. I’ve tried a few demos but meh. Not my time wasting vice. HOWEVER. I’m a total sucker for Fable. Yes the game made for non gamers. See? Made for ME.

I played Fable I when I was a drunk teenager exhasted from kitchen work. Perfect to zone out to with a huge screw driver or a bunch of beer by my side. Fable II came out just after my girl was born and I managed to play a lot of it one handed during our many many many nursing marathons. They’ve added things on here and there so Stephen downloaded them for me and I’ve tapped away at it every few months for the last two years.

FABLE III is coming out! I watched the trailer with my kiddo today – it was lame but still. Fable. I wonder if I’ll be ABLE to play it. Ha. I’d like to, though. It’s like going back to an old book series that I love.


3 Responses to “Not A Gamer”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Fable 3 is already out! It released in October 2010. We have it, I beat it… it was okay. Not as good as the first two but an interesting twist with being King/Queen. 😀

  2. whiskeyjac Says:

    Oh, man I’m behind hey? I didn’t know it was already out, I guess it was just an advert I saw. Well, that’s good! It’ll be cheaper by the time I’m huge and not wanting to move 🙂

  3. Tiffany Says:

    No worries lady! I do the same thing. It kinda comes with the territory of having a kidlet. I was mainly only saying it so if you were needing something to do while housebound (not sure how the weather is there, but there’s still snow here) that you could pick it up and have something to do! ❤

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