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Ostritch December 29, 2010

Filed under: assholes,family,gone mental — whiskeyjac @ 4:34 pm

When I was little I walked in on my parents watching a show together. It was a period drama so it was kind of weird that my dad was watching it, too. I can’t remember if it was in French or English (my mother was watching so I think English, but it might have had subtitles) but Meo told me that the movie was called La Reine D’Autruche.

I spent the whole fucking movie waiting for the Queen of the Ostriches to show up.

It was awful and campy and that old timey brand of over acted and boring but I was holding out for the moment when that prissy simp at the prince’s feet gazing at him in bovine adoration FINALLY TURNED INTO A GIANT BIRD.

I felt so goddamn cheated.

My parents laughed and laughed when I told them.


4 Responses to “Ostritch”

  1. 1001petals Says:

    I don’t have any other way to leave you a msg, so am resorting to this. Am curious why you unfollowed me on twitter again. Genuinely curious, hope I didn’t offend you.

  2. Jac Says:

    I’m so sorry dude it’s TOTALLY not personal – i just can’t have such a huge feed? i’m always following and then having not to. it’s not a “oh i’ll follow you so you follow me and then i’ll unfollow” totally don’t do that shit. i also understand if you are sort offended? it’s kinda lame, i’m sorry dude, i culled a bunch of people. my attn span sucks.

  3. 1001petals Says:

    I do tweet a lot which is why I state that as a disclaimer in my twitter bio. My heart isn’t broken but it did hurt my feelings cause I pour my heart out on there and don’t let people casually in. And this is the second time you did it which is like a double burn.

    I know it’s just twitter but I do intend it as a way of making real friends, and I was just telling you how much rejection I feel socially a couple days ago! lol, joke’s on me šŸ™‚

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