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Beef December 9, 2010

Filed under: assholes,Fuckers — whiskeyjac @ 12:27 am

So, it’s a running joke about Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Oprah Winfrey, right? Tabloids, Bloggers, people I KNOW and talk to face to face just luuuurve to joke about how they’re gay. How they fake pregnancies and draw up contracts, hire wives and girlfriends and husbands and – beards, right? Great name. Something to hide behind – clever.

Basically they’re ACCUSING THEM. Of being gay. Because this is something we ACCUSE people of now, in the year 2010, like it’s a shame, like it’s a crime. Like it’s the fucking 1950’s and we don’t care if you cut 10 years off the war, saved hundreds of thousands of lives, improved computer technology by leaps and bounds, hell we don’t care if you WON the goddamn war for us, Allan – you fuck the wrong kind of people. DO NOT PASS GO FAGGOT.

I just saw a bit piece about Oprah Winfrey being interviewed by Barbara Walters and the whole “Hey you know people say you’re gay and are fucking your best friend, right? What do you have to say about that?” What the fuck is this? Why should *anyone* have to go and do an interview and confront these rumours and allegations and accusations that they are fucking their friend? Could these people just take a minute to stop and think about how that would feel? For you, for your friend. For your wife, for your husband. Regardless of the whole ARE YOU GAY Y/N thing.

Grow the fuck up. This is bullshit, it’s not cute, it’s not harmless. People do this in highschool too guys! It’s called BULLYING. And it’s just that much more disgusting and disappointing when grown ups do it to each other. There ARE people out there who can’t come out. And it’s really shitty that despite the NO BULLYING campaigns and all the support that people try to get to young kids dealing with the issues surrounding sexual preferences you can still see this crap front and centre in the super market checkout, on blogs, on television on major network news programs. What a *great* message, you total. fucking. assholes.


One Response to “Beef”

  1. Yes, it is a strange one. Especially from a bisexual point of view, even. We complain that people think of us as being sluts that will screw whatever shows up, yet we make jokes about people having committed relationships no matter what their preferences are. Grr. So what if Oprah is bi maybe, would that make a difference? Why should it?

    (this is Jack from FB, just so’s ya know. stimpy/stimps/stimpleminded/rumplestimpskin are my alter egos.) 😉

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