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Loveliness in the Mail! November 18, 2010

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Do you remember that I posted about Kirsten not long ago? She’s one of the folks I talk to online the most, everyday I read little links she puts up or get to see a bit of what’s on her mind, or what she’s been working on, or doing with her family. She’s always one of the first ones to talk to me when I’ve posted about being upset about something, or frustrated with parenting, or enthused about some new gardening something or other, or song or artist or idea. When I started talking about getting into embroidery, she told me about a book she had an extra copy of, and offered to send it to me. I got her package today and oh, it is a VERY cool book:
Elegant Stitches by Judith Baker Montano
The illustrations are large – which is great because I usually practice the stitchery in bed with a reading light after the baby has gone to sleep and obvs you don’t want to be hunched over looking at a tiny blurry computer printout in the semi-dark, and they’re so clear. Sometimes I look at knitting or crocheting tutorials and dude… I… knot-work. It’s knot-work to me even when they’re supposedly breaking things down into easy to see components and techniques. THIS I can get, I can visualize. I’m so excited about trying these and maybe getting good enough to make things for my kid and family and friends. I flipped through it a bit at lunch and saw it talking about what kinds of thread and needles to use with certain fabrics, and oh THIS is what I’ve been wanting to know, the little things that make such a big difference to the end product. How excellent.
The book wasn’t all she sent, and I wanted to show you. I’m so touched at her thoughtfulness, look at the pretty gifts I found in the package along with the book:

!!! LEAFY LADY ARTWORK !!! And a sweet little Christmas Tree made my her little girl ❀ Which oh… really makes me want a Christmas Tree of my own. πŸ™‚
I'm seriously so touched that she sent these pretty handmade pieces to me, I love them. I've always admired her quirky, eclectic and organic art and the process of invention and creation and experimentation (my favourite) that she shares with us via her blogs πŸ™‚
The little felted heart (here is a link to a collection of them) is going to hang in my kitchen, and oh she DREW that dragon, isn’t it cool? I really like him, and it made me smile to see him tucked into the book – watching her make these embroidery paintings and then looking at the links she posted about the art sort of piqued my interest in embroidery in the first place.

Another wee embroidered bit on some juicy blue felt, and one of her little “pond” resin pieces. I *loved* those when I saw her pictures – they made me think of quiet fall time ponds full of murky bits that might be treasure under the surface. To be honest it sort of makes me think of the little hikes I’d take when I ate mushrooms as a teenager. I’d see the most humble and jumbled things and they always caught my attention, I’d always go crawling through the underbrush and take an extra minute (or five. or. or… ten. or 30, who knows when you’re that into a trip) to look at some interesting bark or cluster of grass and twigs that OH MUST HAVE MEANING if I can just stare at it the right way or…
Ahhh, good memories. ❀

I love this, Kirsten. How kind and thoughtful of you, once again I thank you! Your package made my day, and I’m really stoked to start trying out some new stitches.


One Response to “Loveliness in the Mail!”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    You made me smile big time tonight :). Thank you. I enjoyed putting together the “bits” and am glad you enjoy them too.

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