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A Contentious Issue In Circles I Don’t Frequent October 13, 2010

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A link that Stephen sent me via StumbleUpon
I’ve never heard of Mark Bittman. But I dig his vibe, baby.
Here’s a quote from that article :
Lifehacker: One common complaint about all the talk of eating organic, eating locally sourced food, is that it can seem prohibitively expensive, at least as far as the organic section, the co-op prices are concerned.

Mark Bittman: There’s no question they’re more expensive, but I’d argue that (organic and local food) is priced closer to what food is actually worth, or what it really costs to produce it. Crap is cheap, because crap is subsidized. Not all cheap food is bad for you, but a lot of bad food is cheap.

… While I do support the movement toward organic and local food, I think it’s more important to advocate moving toward plants over processed foods. I can understand that people might be put off by the costs of organic food, and might not want to shift their whole diet toward it, but the important thing is getting more people eating less meat, especially bad meat, and more plants. It’s how I try to eat.

That last bit pretty much sums up my whole view. We cannot afford organic produce. I can grow some of my OWN, and that’s the cheapest option for us – I’ve got plans for our garden next year since I now know that yes, things DO grow here and I won’t kill them. But I shop at the buy low. And unless there is a sale on organic produce that brings the price down to that of the regular pesticide laden food? Pfft. Srsly. I can’t afford that shit and that is the beginning and end of the story. I don’t care if it’s better for you – and I don’t entirely believe that it is. The biggest reason I’d LIKE to buy organic produce is that I’d be supporting smaller farms – ideally I’d be buying from farmer’s markets, and it doesn’t get too much smaller than that – especially when you’re buying from your neighbors.

We are pretty dang careful of the meat in our diet. We usually have chicken. Ground beef sometimes – and I’m careful to stretch our meat so that it lasts. We’ve been eating meals w/out meat a lot the last while now that I think of it. It’s very rarely the centre of our meal. It works for us. We’ll never go vegetarian – for one thing I think some people are MEANT to eat meat. We are, and we’re fine with that. I’m not going to go buy a 25$ free range chicken either – I’d be happy to set up a chicken run if I ever have the place for it, but there’s just no fucking way.

I really appreciate his views on the processed food. I think that more than pesticides that this is the thing we need to focus on – there are organic mac n cheese boxes out there and they’re still crap. Other factors in my grocery shopping choices : 1) what is all this “junk food is cheap” talk? That stuff is not. cheap. And it doesn’t fill you up – so you’re eating an expensive crap meal that’ll leave you hungry. Don’t get it. 2) it tastes awful. Who buys this stuff? Who LIKES this stuff? Don’t get it.

SO anyways, I’m not attacking folks who do any of this stuff, go veg, adjust their lifestyles to afford themselves cruelty free veg and pesticide free birds. If that’s your thing I’m not even FINE with it – I just don’t care. It’s refreshing to see this from a so called food guru. I don’t really have much sympathy with or patience for the Micheal Pollans out there.


5 Responses to “A Contentious Issue In Circles I Don’t Frequent”

  1. 1001petals Says:

    The only thing I’d add is that pesticides aren’t good for the environment. Though some people think buying local, pesticide stuff is better, then others choose to buy international organic. Hey, whatever works for you is what I think.

    I know we will no longer buy organic broccoli cause if there are bugs in it, they are near impossible to spot and clean out of the florets 😦 That is the big upside of pesticide-produce — no bugs! Otherwise we just follow the EWG’s shopping guide (http://www.foodnews.org/walletguide.php)

    • whiskeyjac Says:

      When do you think you’ll be moving to B.C.? And is there any place in particular that you’re thinking of? I would really *love* to go to the coast next. It can be expensive in places but if my kid(s) goes to school and I can work that might be ok. Here everything grows, it’s amazing – but we do have drought to contend with. I’ve heard of amazing gardening in the rainy parts and oh – not to have to deal with 40degree heat would make me glad in July!
      I tihnk I will always want to be where I can have a garden from now on. I’m not a big success at gardening – basically I grew tomatoes, green beans, sunflowers, strawberry plants that never fruited, dill, basil, and weeds. NEXT year I want to try more.

      • 1001petals Says:

        We’re hoping for June of next year, so 2011. The city I think we’ll end up in is Sooke, on the island, though if we start off in Victoria that wouldn’t be too bad either. We’ll be renting at first and my husband probably won’t have a job when we first get there so we can be fairly mobile. I just want to live somewhere that isn’t too urban and is relatively safe. Not especially rainy would be good too, though we’re prepared for a lot more rain than we get here. My husband’s from Scotland so he’s used to it πŸ™‚ (it’s very green and rainy there, year round.)

        I really look forward to having some land and gardening! I’ve done some on my balcony, in pots, but there just isn’t enough room for the larger plants like tomatoes. So I’ve ended up with a lot of herbs and had to give away my vegetable plants as they get too big. I seem to have a green thumb, everything I try to grow gets massive, but who knows how I’ll do with a real garden. It’s so awesome that you have space to do that. I think it just takes practise, time and probably trial and error to become good at it, just like anything, right. I wonder why yours didn’t fruit. . fertilizer? Lack of bees? I have no clue. I also really want to grow a lot of my own food, and plus I just love gardening in general, so hopefully as you learn I can learn from you πŸ™‚

  2. whiskeyjac Says:

    Thanks for the link, and for the input! I am always OPEN to hearing what people have to say – but I’m more open to the moderate voices out there. In pretty much every situation. I don’t like people telling me there is only one way.
    I really *HATE* finding bugs in my produce. If the bugs are from my yard, I don’t mind, though πŸ™‚

    • 1001petals Says:

      I don’t mind bugs either, figure it’s all natural — but I do want to wash them out πŸ™‚ It was just a few weeks ago that I got a head of broccoli that had so many bugs in the florets that after I spent about 10 mins picking through and saw how many more there were, I gave up and threw it out. I was disgusted at that point, it was way too much. I also didn’t mention that if the price is insane, I’ll go for the regular stuff even if it is high up on that pesticide list. Strawberries are a good example, they are over twice the price for organic. At the peak season they’re only a dollar or so more, which is fine. But $7 or $8 for a container? There is no way in hell.

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