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Leafy Lady and Little Dear Tracks October 11, 2010

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Kirsten is a very wise and creative and funny lady that I’ve been interacting with online for a few years. She posted that link recently and I *love* it. I have a hoop! My ex got it for me when I broke my leg when I was 19 and had to sit on my ass in our apt all alone all day. Hard life, right? Anyways I did some cross stitch but it was a lame pattern and I lost interest after a while. But I liked it, and I would love love love to have some way to make things for my daughter. I have tons of embroidery thread, still, and nothing doing with them. I would just love to make her a tiny white pillow case with her name and a little bird on it. I had one like that when I was a kid, and it always made me happy to have it in my bed. It still makes me smile to think of it. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, if I can find where my kid stashed the hoops.

Thanks, Kirsten!

I’m a huge admirer of her and her art. She’s a really cool lady and if you don’t read her, you should. I wrote her name twice here – and both are linked to different sites she has online – one to her blog, one to her artfire store where you can see the pieces she has for sale 🙂 It’s nice browsing.

Here’s another link from K, today, I really enjoyed this! One day I’ll have time and space and money to be able to play with this kind of stuff – maybe the kid(s) will be into it 🙂 I’d like that a lot. For now, I craft vicariously.


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