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FYI at 10:30pm… October 9, 2010

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I just got an angry comment from someone I know via Xanga and Facebook.

I’m not sure how many people read this, and of them how many care – but I guess I should say this, huh? My FB profile was completely shut down this morning. I don’t know why. I’m trying to get access back – I’ve complained but I don’t know if the people who run things over there listen and I’ve no idea how long their list of appeals is so… who knows whether they’ll reinstate me or not. I’m a little upset that I wasn’t given an explanation, and I’m sad to think that some of the pictures I have up there, albums that I put together and that people commented on are now gone and might not be retrievable. That is my biggest problem w this whole deal.

I set up my mom’s account for her, and left a message on her site for the people who are mutual friends of ours. Stephen did the same on his profile, just to let people know that I got shut down – not that I think anyone on his profile cares. There isn’t that much of an overlap there, I don’t think – or even with my mother’s friend list. Through Cat’s site I was able to see that all my comments everywhere have been removed. Stephen is listed as “married” only, and my mother has only my brother listed as her kid. It didn’t occur to me that that might look like I had blocked someone.


And now… I should go to bed. We’re headed off to Kamloops to do some much needed shopping and to look at something other than trees for a few hours 🙂 I’m totally going to post about it afterwards too. We’ve had to cut our trips Out down drastically and this one has been put off once already. I have been WAITING! To replace my mixing bowl and buy paint for the kid, and find her a punk rockin shirt to make her Hallowe’en costume for a long time. Exciting stuff, dudes. ❤ Hope everyone has a good weekend, and a nice Thanksgiving too! We're not doing anything for it this year. NOTHING. This year on thanksgiving I will be thankful that I am not cooking a turkey. Can I get an AMEN Can I get a GAWD BOMB.


2 Responses to “FYI at 10:30pm…”

  1. Julie Says:

    WTF Jac? I’m pissed for you. I’m pretty sure that it won’t all be gone forever though. I’ve had friends who themselves shut down their facebook accounts then when they changed their minds were able to pull everything back up no problem.

    I read you here at least, so I won’t have to wonder where you went. ❤

    • whiskeyjac Says:

      you know, I THINK I’ve done that to my FB account? I’m not sure. I know other people who have though. Maybe that’s what I’m thinking of. Anyways, it’s different. I know the stuff must be there, somewhere, in the internet ether, in the tubes, wherever… so it’s salvagable. Whether they listen and care is another matter. Anyways, it’s good you see, and if you see anyone wondering wtf I am, at least you know. I don’t have contacts for everyone, but we have a few friends in common due to xanga and all. It really never occured to me that someone might think it was about them, or think I’d shut down over some trouble I was having or something. Can’t exactly make a huge explanation for everyone when my account isn’t there to do so, ha.

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