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Lillooet to Pemberton October 5, 2010

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On Saturday we set out to have a picnic (or a ‘Nic as the baby calls it) at one of the rec sites about half an hour’s drive from Lillooet. We went to the Cotton Wood site the weekend before, and we’d visited the Cinnamon site before that so we thought we’d go a little farther this time and check out some of the other sites the Stephen remembered from his drive down to Pemberton with Éowyn last year.


We saw Roger’s Springs rec site, but that was on the opposite side of the highway. We went even further and got to Jophry National Park (I think that’s the name of it, correct me if I’m wrong Stephen) but there were no picnic tables there – just a big dense hiking trail. I’d LOVE to go there sometime when the baby is older! It looks amazing and I bet it smells great; all mossy and earth wormy and fecund.

We ended up driving two hours all the way to Pemberton, just to sit at a picnic table to eat our salad and pizza and let the kid play in a school yard park. It was a *BEAUTIFUL* drive. Hard to regret going so far out of our way when we got to look at such golden mountainous landscape all the way there.

Éowyn is the BEST little traveller. She’s happy to look at things out the window, or read her books, or talk to us. She listens to almost all kinds of music with relish (and has been happy to be weaned off of Elvis thank GOD), and she even slept a bit on the way back.

She fell asleep listening to Zoe Keating this time. Wonderful landscape and twisty mountain road music.

Here are some of the pictures I managed to get. I guess they’re not spectacular. Well. I KNOW they aren’t. But it’s so pretty here, I had to share the ones that turned out. I wish you could all take a drive around my mountains! I’m so lucky that I’m always a passenger 🙂 I get the best uninterrupted views.


One Response to “Lillooet to Pemberton”

  1. 1001petals Says:

    Gorgeous! Ok, this is a big part of why we’re moving to BC.

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