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Pictures September 27, 2010

Filed under: family,lovelovelove,parenting — whiskeyjac @ 9:58 pm

How about a happy post to push that ugly sick feeling post down a bit.

she used to fall asleep on the table listening to warren zevon while i did the dishes

i was so proud and excited to have her room ready 🙂

first picture with daddy

first picture with nana. cat took care of me after she was born - while stephen got to know his daughter.

she stayed in bed with me the whole time we were there... i didn't get to lie down but once, for 20 minutes. tired. but happy.


now she can floss her own teeth.

so tiny, going home. we checked out at 10pm, the nurses thought i was ridiculous :-/

pure love. pure love, man. they're so great.

give me dirty looks

ride on our backs.

share her books with the less than thrilled cat

and break my heart with love. 2 years, and man it feels like forever.


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