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I Should September 17, 2010

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invite people over more often; I love the way my house looks when I’ve cleaned it up for company.

Éowyn and I have some friends coming over tomorrow afternoon – A lady I met at the playgroup is coming over with her little boy. Oh my gosh, that little boy is a *love* he is so tiny and expressive and impish and gentle. He is really just a sweetheart. Most of the kids I’ve met since I had Éowyn have been really awesome, actually. I never really knew how cool kids were because I wasn’t around them much. When I was I didn’t know how to talk to them, really.

Anyways, after S and R come over – hmmm I wonder how my kiddo will react to someone in her space! The last (and only other) time we had a child over to our house was… dang, almost 8 months ago, maybe more. It was ok then, I guess, though of course, seeing N with her toys got mixed reactions from Éowyn. I think she is pretty chill with R though, I don’t predict any tantrums. SO! what I was saying is that AFTER they come over, on Monday or Tuesday? Stephen’s parents should be coming through town. They’re going to Barry’s sister’s funeral in Port Alberni, but won’t be stopping on the way down due to a double dose of flu on their part (awful to have to travel for such a sad and taxing occasion when they’re sick, isn’t it? I hope it isn’t too bad for them.) but hopefully Éowyn’ll get to see her Gramma and Grampa when they come back through the mountains.

We’ll see how that goes! I’m tempted to take a long solitary walk with a big mug of coffee and a book while they’re here… I haven’t been out on my own in a while, but I don’t know if I’m breezy enough to just leave when my in-laws come over. On the other hand they are really truly not here to see ME. Like I said, we’ll see.

That’s it that’s all, I should get ready for Stephen to come home… I could have tidied a lot more this afternoon but the kiddo went to bed late and… don’t even get me started on the bedtime routine we’ve been in lately. I’ll just end this here.


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