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I’ve Been Posting A Lot Of Videos Lately Haven’t I? September 9, 2010

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I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately. Haven’t I?

Well, they’re fun.

We had a nice visit with a little guy from playgroup this morning – we went down to the little residential area by the river to have a visit with little R and his mum. We had a really nice time, I like these two people very much and Éowyn was so well behaved, even on the way home. They have such a beautiful little cottagey house, full of sunlight and breezy colours, and lovely little archways… makes me happy that such a nice family has such a nice place. Their yard is gorgeous too – Éowyn went around barefoot after she stepped in the pool in her socks and boots (of course, if she sees water she’s gonna go for it). I’m hoping to get my place tidied and organized a bit so I can invite them over sometime. As you can see in this video – and really, in most of my videos – the counter behind the kiddo is just… a repository for EVERY THING. I really want to change that, being organized is so nice – I just wish it lasted. I always get distracted in the end and just start flinging things places and mess it up.

I really want to get my yard trimmed and cleaned up before winter, but I hurt my arm when I destroyed that cedar bush and then bagged all the lilac and cedar detrius, and I’m not feeling to great right now so I hope I can get it done this weekend. At least then, the two kiddos might have a nice place to play. Also on the list of to dos (when the kidlet FINALLY GOES TO SLEEP TODAY) is to harvest all my green tomatoes. I don’t think they’ll ripen anymore, and I think maybe I can make a little relish with them, or a sauce, or something. Ahhhh, and then I’ll plan what I want to do next year.

Anyways, the mian point here was to show you the kiddo trying to tell a knock knock joke, which has been amusing Stephen and I to no end, the last few days. She’s so funny 🙂


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