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Miss ‘Wyn September 6, 2010

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(I DID take it away)

I’m up before baby today. That doesn’t happen often anymore. I’m going to go fold laundry and have another cup of coffee now, then I’ll wake her up. I’m going to try yogurt painting with her today. I only have one green food colour, but then, that’s good – i won’t be using too much of our yogurt. I’ve been having trouble thinking of ways to PLAY with her – which sounds awful right? But she doesn’t easily engage in art – crayons get boring after about 5 minutes or less, and paint well. I have a little kindergarten watercolour pallette for her – washable but all she wants to do with it is mix the colours together on the pallette. I’m going to see if she likes this. I’ll get a little toy or two out for her so she can try making animal tracks with them, and if she likes that I’ll try and find some kid friendly paint for her to play with.


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