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Here I AM, August 23, 2010

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With a Monday update. IT IS VERY EXCITING WATCH OUT.

We had a nice morning here, Éowyn watched t.v. while I cooked a pot roast with carrots and potatoes and beans and broccoli, the whole thing turned out very nicely. Then we went outside and I tried to teach her how to pedal her bike by herself. That didn’t work so well. AND the bike is down at the landlord’s place because we went to visit them and their two little boys, and Éowyn never ever wants to leave. There’s no way I can carry that angry 30+ lbs of baby AND the trike no matter how well it folds up.

It was nice to go down and play w those two kids – they are really nice boys, J is 3, and D is 4? I think? Sweet boys, and so energetic and ready to ham it up and show off 🙂 It makes me tired just watching them, though! I feel wierd just walking down to see them but they assure me that they don’t mind, and have told us to come down lots so I guess it’s allright. I always feel like I’m intruding on people when I do that – but jeeze it’s funny here. People who I’ve just met tell me to “come on over whenever!”. I never do, it just feels wrong. Ahhh, but when the boys are playing outside and Éowyn wants to go down and see them I think I’ll let her. I think she could learn a lot from those two. 🙂

Well I am just too GD lazy to write much more. Things have been nice here! And now here are some pictures from the weekend, THE END.

We went out for a walk, just the two girls, and when we came home Stephen took her to the park, and I followed after 10 minutes. I found them playing with a few other kids, one of whom I knew from playgroup. He has grown a lot! I think she just looks so very Grown Up sometimes – when she is wearing certain clothes, like these jeans, yes. Also when her hair is in a pony tail. But that deer shirt – I got her that shirt before she was even born. I put it on her when it still fell off her shoulders. And now look. IT FITS. Wow.
She was very very happy on Sunday, when it rained! She got to wear her bright yellow and blue boots that her grandparents gave her, and she was very proud of them indeed – and of her coat! I love all the colours in the world now that I have seen them on my daughter. I used to hate – LOATHE – yellow and blue and now I think of blue as HER colour… and yellow just looks so vibrant on her, and matches her hair and the rose in her cheeks just so prettily.
Oh man, and yellow and pink together – forget about it. What has happened to me.
Éowyn. Éowyn happened.

We went down to the river for the first time – and found such an AMAZING place full of sand and rocks everywhere. I love the rocks. Rose quartz, jade, petrified wood… god it is just so cool. We went there twice, and each time I came back to the car with my pockets buldging. WTF am I even going to do with these things? My idea is to get some acrylic medium and make them look as lovely as they do when they are wet, and shining on the beach. I would also like to build an inukshuk or two for our garden – something I have been thinking of for a long time. I think I will find some really nice rocks for that purpose here.

Éowyn was pretty fascinated with the sand and the big trees lying on their sides – Val was happy to run and sniff everything. Stephen and I took turns shepherding the baby so that the other could wander and look at things by themselves. And it left the baby very tired each time we came home.

It was a nice weekend, and we spent a lot of time outdoors – and we all enjoyed it. Success.


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