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STOP. Potty Time. August 18, 2010

Filed under: gives me hope — whiskeyjac @ 10:10 pm

Got the kid to poop in her potty for the 2nd time, today.

After we cleaned her up and cheered and clapped and made a big deal about it, she sat back down and leant back, staring between her legs into the pot so very pensively.

“Are you done?”
“No, please” (means Yes)
“You wanna get up?”
“…Are you just gonna sit there and stare at it?”
“Ok, then. Don’t play with it.”

Also – we went to playgroup today where she was charming, and sweet, and comfortable, and had not a single temper tantrum. Not even when we left.
– went to the library and got books and dvds without any problem. She’s getting used to the library which makes my heart swell.
– last night was the second time in a row that she went to bed awake, and stayed IN her bed when I left.

Things are going really well here, this week. I’m glad for both of us. And for that other guy. Who sorta lives here. When he’s not off chasing hookers n blow. Maybe he’ll decide to stick around, after all.


One Response to “STOP. Potty Time.”

  1. Catherine Says:

    So glad. This is the start of a really wonderful age!!

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