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Easy Noms. August 11, 2010

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Thin thin thin crust pizza with basil pesto – basil from my garden! Proud! – We didn’t have parm cheese or pine nuts. They’re both expensive and though I’ll occasionally maybe shell out for fresh parm I find pine nuts to be insane. I’m not saying they’re overpriced, just that they’re too pricey for me. So I used almonds. And no cheese. And lots of garlic. Recipes call for 1 clove of garlic unless you are like me and love garlic then use 2 or 3 and I read that and put in 6. I love garlic so much more than anyone anywhere ever. Suck it, you 2 garlic clove wussies. You don’t know garlic. You don’t KNOW garlic.

I do. I know garlic. I have had carnal knowledge of garlic.

Éowyn breath STANK after she ate this. For two days, after brushing, it stank. And I thought it was cute everytime I got a whiff of her death breath. THAT IS HOW MUCH I LOVE HER. AND GARLIC. I WIN.
No, but for reals, it fucking stank and it was gross.

I threw some cheddar and zuchinni and green peppers on one of them, but it was good with that bitey pesto on it’s own. Even the baby liked it. Thanks for the pizza dough recipe Anna, I used it here!

Left: Smore Bar. I made a graham crumb crust, put chocolate chips on it, then small marshmallows and cooked it and I dunno what for… I dunno how long. Until the mallows looked crispy. If I make this again I’ll cook the crust longer, put the chocolate down before the marshmallow, then let them get all nice and toasty after the chocolate melts. These were gooey when we ate them warm but were hard and crunchy and chewy and wonderful the next day.

Right: This is ridiculous of me to write down but maybe you don’t know this: You can mix Knorr Leek Soup mix with greek yogurt and let it stand for a few hours? And it’s such a good veggie dip. My mom used to make this in the summer as a treat – she used sour cream, probably. I like yogurt coz of the pro-biotics, but if you’re gonna use half fat yogurt or whatever, put some mayo or sour cream in. There’s paprika on the top. I like hot sauce in this, too. This always reminds me of being 8 and taking out a huge platter of fresh colourful glistening veggies out into the sunshiney back yard. What a treat – better than Popsicles.

I feel okay putting these “recipes” up because I am not a fancy food blogger. Just a mom makin noms. Every day. All day.


2 Responses to “Easy Noms.”

  1. Gwen Styles Says:

    your pesto sounds rad! I love garlic but not raw – it gives me heartburn. When I make pesto though, I either use pickled garlic (is pickled garlic weird? I dunno? I found jars of it at the dollar store) or roasted garlic.

    The dip, too, is fantastic. I’ve never done it with yogurt, mostly because we’re spendthrifts and sour cream is cheaper here. Gwen Junior love love LOVES sour cream and Lipton Onion Soup dip, and I enjoy the Knorr leek and veggie soups too. Like you, I always throw a little o’ this and a little o’ that in – hot sauce, the oil at the bottom of my jar of sundried tomatoes, chopped green onions, something growing beside my basil plant that might be a weed or seed grass… you know, whatever.

    Check the salad dressing I made this week: flax oil, lemon juice, tahini, basil (LOTS OF FUCKING BASIL), pickled garlic, sundried tomatoes, green pepper, cherry tomatoes, hot sauce and pepper, in the blender until smooth. I added water a lot along the way because it was quite thick. I ate this on a salad of romaine, spinach, cucumber, radishes and sunflower seeds. BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSEEEEE

    • Gwen Styles Says:

      oh the salad dressing had parmesan cheese too, but I might leave it out next time. It was tasty, don’t get me wrong… but it would have been just as good without, and sometimes less is more yaknow?

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