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No H8 – Plenty of Room for Ridicule Though! August 5, 2010

Filed under: Fuckers,gives me hope,HURRAY DUDES — whiskeyjac @ 5:54 am

I was super stoked to hear about prop8 being overturned today. That is Major Good News, and Major Big Deal, and it should be – but boy howdy I’ll love the day when it ISN”T big news, letting a pair of people enter into a legally binding relationship like marriage.

Just wondering if my ex is still getting her panties in a twist and waxing all sycophantically self righteous with the ignorant dudes at church who were convinced that the american gov’t was going to make mormons marry gay couples in their temples. It’s a goddamn shame when people like that can vote to take away someone’s right to marry.


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