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Happy Baby August 5, 2010

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Some video from this morning – chilly enough to wear sweaters and housecoats in the morning! I’m super stoked about that, I can’t wait for cooler weather. It’s so nice to know that we’ve got such a long beautiful crisp and misty fall to look forward to – and that the yard work will be a lot more pleasant to do in September keeps me positive about our garden.
The cool air lasted until the sun came up over the mountain – and by that time we’d already been for a walk to the park, and were watering the flowers here at home. Last fall Éowyn and I would spend hours outside just walking everywhere it was wonderful… and my legs got so strong from packing her around in our Kelty Kids pack. That thing is way too small – even though Éowyn doesn’t exceed the maximum weight she is just too long and the straps cause my neck and shoulders too much discomfort to use it as a baby pack anymore. It’s sad, but we did get a LOT of use out of it and I’m looking forward to using it for another kiddo sometime down the line. If we’re lucky we can keep the pack in good condition and who knows who we could be passing it along to, eh?
Well, just wanted to post a bit of our morning here…

And some eating video for Meo 🙂

We had a nice


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