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Witness This, Jerks. August 4, 2010

Filed under: Fuckers — whiskeyjac @ 5:47 pm

I’m out on my porch looking at the garden when an elderly couple walks by on their way (I assume) to visit one of my neighbors.
They see me and stop and smile broadly, sweetly.

He “Oh hello, it’s a beautiful day isn’t it?”
Me “Yeah it’s nice to have a reprieve from the heat even though there’s so much smoke”
He “Yes we’re all very fortunate – have you thought about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ lately?”
Me “No, I haven’t, I’m not religious – but you two have a nice day -”

Annnnd he’s already walking away.

Me “Welp! I guess it’s my own fault for thinking you were just being nice, then, huh.”

I wasn’t rude and there’s not need to be when you don’t score, guys. I don’t like missionaries because the idea that someone’s beliefs aren’t good enough if they aren’t yours just annoys the fuck out of me to begin with. But I’m always nice to them. Why not – they’re doing work that they think is Good Work. I don’t know anything about them and on the off chance that they really CARE about people I am not going to be needlessly rude no matter how annoyed I might be at their presumption.

But man, I don’t think it’s very Christ-like to treat someone like a non-entity when they respond as I did. It’s not a very good representation of yourself and your church at any rate.


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